So here we go.  On February 15th Barefoot will be starting the Delta Workshop for the 5th year.  It’s amazing to think back to 2004 when Gaby Kessler and I were in India deciding what we should call this workshop idea.  Gaby suggested Barefoot Workshops and I thought, “Hmmm…  I don’t know.”  That night it was decided.  Barefoot Workshops.  3 months later, February 2005, we started Barefoot by running a 4 week documentary workshop in the Mississippi Delta.  10 students participated and Jack McDonald taught the class with me.  Gaby ran everything behind the scenes; course Manager, cook, best friend and a person who probably wanted to kill me by the end of it all..  but we pulled it off and ended up with results far exceeding anything we thought we could ever do.  We all agreed that is was a process that worked.  Since then we have run the workshop every year and expanded to run workshops in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Kuwait, Jordan, the West Bank, Israel and a list of places in the USA.

We plan to blog about the workshop as much as possible and take Barefoot in another interesting direction.  We’ll see how it goes.




Made in Africa

The Power of Media

Barefoot Workshops is pioneering unique formats, or “media templates”, to assist governments, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and medical institutions, among others, to tap the power of low-cost digital video technology to deliver solutions into communities in which they work.

We customize programs to help those directly affected by issues such as HIV/AIDS, war/conflict, displacement, poverty, and illiteracy, to message more effectively to their own people, and to bridge them together with stake-holders—locally and internationally—who can assist their goals.

The long-term role of Barefoot Workshops in Africa is to facilitate a hub of media-interested organizations to collaborate in the creation of MADE IN AFRICA: HIV/AIDS Media Library, a video library that serves as a resource for all organizations engaged in HIV/AIDS education, training, treatment and care.

Barefoot also aims to catalyze broader distribution of media at a grassroots level, in the communities that need it most, through mobile devices and community screenings as well as through mainstream media. To this end, we offer continuous workshops and training to NGO caregivers, counselors and staff to produce ongoing content that can be distributed to a growing network of local and international members. Subscribe to receive news and updates for Made In Africa DVD Club here.

We are presently seeking funding to role out the first 18 months of training, and to create a local steering committee to advise the project in South Africa.

Barefoot Media Templates

  • Video Policy Letters
  • Peer Counseling Videos
  • Behavior Change Drama or “Soapies”
  • Fundraising Video
  • Public Service Announcement (PSA)
  • Documentary